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Asuna is a heroine and the partner of Kirito in the Sword Art Online series. She is the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood guild in Sword Art Online.

Lambent light is a one-handed rapier owned by Asuna. Asuna's degree of proficiency with her sword is 1000 (mastered). Her rapier, combined with her speed, earned her the nickname The Flash.

Our version of the Lambent light features a carbon steel blade with teal accents. The timber scabbard is red with silver patterning on both the bottom and top. The tsuba is metal and round in shape and both silver and teal in colour. The wooden handle is also teal with a silver end cap. This would make a great gift for any fan of the anime or sword collector alike!

Overall length - 97 cms
Blade length - 75 cms
Handle length - 22 cms

Sword Art Online Yuuki Asuna Lambent Light Rapier Sword Carbon Steel Blade

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