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This In the late 1800s firearms became the predominant weapon on the battlefield and the need for swords in combat began to decline. Yet the need for a uniform weapon for calvary combat still existed. The Russian response was the shashka which derived from common folk’s horseman’s sabre. The Dragoon Officers Shashka was the pinnacle of that evolution from weapon of the Cossacks to iconic sword that lasted into the 1930s to what we know today. 

This reproduction of the Russian Dragoon Officers Shashka by Hanwei is faithful in keeping with the proud traditional of Caucasus region and the military. The 33” blade is very thick and yet light weight. The beautifully detailed hilt is etched with a Perovskia flower (Russian sage) and accented with scroll work. The handle is finely carved rosewood. The black leather scabbard mirrors the hilt with matching detailing. An excellent sword for history museum, the sword afficionado or military collector. 


Overall: 39 3/8", 100cm
Blade Length: 33", 84
Handle Length: 4 1/4", 10.5cm
Weight: 2 lbs, .9kg
Point of Balance: 7", 17.5cm
Thickness at Guard: 6.3mm
Thickness at Tip: 3mm
Handle Material: Rosewood

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Russian Dragoon Officers Shashka Saber Sword Carbon Steel Live Blade

SKU: SH26070
GST Included
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