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The Practical Shinobi Ninja-to from Hanwei , whose construction patterns closely that of the Practical Katana, is a useful piece for those studying the Way of the Ninja. The blade is hand-forged in high-carbon steel and is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method. All of the fittings are finished in antiqued black iron. The ornate tsuba displays the kuji-kiri (energy-channeling hand positions) employed by the mystical ninja. The tsuka is wrapped in a synthetic white ray skin (same) and the tsuka-ito is in durable synthetic black leather. The saya has flat black finish with demon-head bindings for the black Japanese cotton sageo and an intricate kojiri. A sword no practitioner of Ninjutsu should be without.


Overall: 34 1/2", 87.5cm

Blade Length: 22 3/4", 58cm

Handle Length: 10 1/4", 26cm

Weight: 1lb 14oz, 850grams

Point of Balance: 4 1/2", 11.5cm

Blade Steel: 1566 Carbon Steel

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Practical Shinobi Ninjutsu Japanese Ninja Short Sword Clay Tempered White Same

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