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The Ishikawa Ninjutsu sword is a part of our budget range of Live Blade Japanese swords designed for light to medium cutting at a reasonable price. The short (50cm) straight style hand forged and differentially heat treated 1050 carbon steel blade is sized perfectly for the ninjutsu practitioner. Beautifully polished with little or no washboard creating a smooth flat appearance with an attractive hamon in Notare with a gently undulating style. The Tsuka (28cm) is constructed of timber with white genuine rayskin, wrapped in cotton ito which is reasonably tightly bound for the strength required for cutting and semi regular handling. The Fuchi/Kashira are constructed of painted brass further adding strength to the tsuka. The Tsuba is non reflective black like the fittings and fashioned from steel. The Saya is painted timber with a hard wearing none reflective paint to aid the would be assasin to evade notice. It is suitable for occasional medium cutting and will make a fantastic show piece for your home with the advantage of being very real!! Includes black sword bag (not shown).

Blade Length : 50cm

Tsuka Length : 28cm

Ishikawa Ninjutsu Japanese Ninja Short Sword 1050 Clay Tempered

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GST Included
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