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Our Cold Steel 1796 Light Cavalry Saber is inspired by the iconic swords used by the British and their allies at the Battle of Waterloo. Its distinctive blade profile is considered by some to have been derived from the Indian Talwar, and it gained such popularity that it remained in use (by the German Cavalry) until the beginning of the Twentieth century! But this is more than just an historically inspired showpiece - it’s a high quality modern saber that is fully capable of passing the famous British Proof Test for quality and durability. It comes with a fully sharpened forward edge, and your choice of a wood and leather scabbard with steel mounts and fittings, or the traditional all steel scabbard.

Overall: 96cm
Blade Length: 87cm
Handle Length: 12cm

Weight: 970 grams

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Cold Steel 1796 British Light Cavalry Saber Sword 1055 Steel Live Blade

GST Included
Out of Stock

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