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The Jian is a beautiful double edged straight sword used throughout China for the last 2500 years in different styles and in Chinese folklore known as the "Weapon of Gentlemen".  This type of Jian was said to be from the Qi state used during the warring states period.  This particular example sports a full tang clay tempered T10 damascus (folded) steel live blade.  The fittings are tastefully decorated cast brass for strength and the grip and scabbard are constructed from heavy ebony timber.  The two handed grip is tightly bound with cotton in the Chinese style giving further strength to the handle. The scabbard is also constructed from ebony with matching decorated brass fittings.  This sword is well balanced and suitable for medium cutting and would be great for any blade collector or Chinese martial arts practitioner.


Overall: 112.5cm
Blade Length: 79cm
Handle Length: 28cm
Weight: 1.1kg
Point of Balance: 11cm from the guard
Blade Steel: Clap Tempered Damascus

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Clay Tempered Damascus Steel Chinese Qi Jian Gim Sword Folded Steel Live Blade