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Based on a 9th to 10th century Viking era sword with stainless steel slightly down turned guard and three lobe pommel popular in the period.  The 10.7cm grip is cord wrapped timber for extra strength with a slightly larger grip to accommodate any size hand.  The blade is 70cm in length and constructed from a rugged 1060 spring steel and through tempered for toughness and edge retention characteristics.  Blade geometry is fantastic with a slight convex shape for added edge strength but no so much to compromise cutting ability.  The scabbard is of painted timber with a metal drag and scabbard mouth to further strengthen and extend life.  The balance of this sword at around 14cm from the guard give the blade a relatively lively feel in hand while still maintaining power in the cut.  Quite good for a sword in this price range and in fact good for any price range.  Would be suitable for medium cutting and a great entry level European style cutting sword well worth the money.

Overall: 85cm
Blade Length: 70cm
Handle Length: 10.7cm
Weight: 950 grams
Blade Steel: 1060

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.


9th Century Viking Sword Through Tempered Spring Steel Live Blade

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