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Antique Japanese Samurai Sword (Nihonto) in Shirasaya with Koshirae and NBTHK (Hozon, worthy of preservation) papers. 


The Blade

The blade is in excellent polish with the hamon (Clay Tempering)  in midare (irregular) style with konie(small "star" like carbide structures).  It is of course folded in the traditional style with Ko-Itame Hada (grain structure) visible.  The unsigned nakago(Tang) is suriage (shortened), and as can be seen by the age of the tang, and other features of the blade, the sword was made around the mid to late 1600's (Early Edo Period).  The NBTHK (Society for the preservation of the Japanese Sword) has awarded this blade Hozon (worthy of preservation) and has attributed it to "Yamato Daijo Masanori".   Two swordsmiths signed with this signature, working in the Echizen province during the 1600's, with this likely to be the second generation. The blade is housed in a new Shirasaya (blade protective mountings).


The Koshirae

The tsuka ito (Handle Binding) is tight and secure with samegawa (rayskin) featuring the higher quality emperor node. The menuki were made during the Edo period with the fuchi and kashira being quality modern reproduction.    The iron crane themed Tsuba was made during the Edo period and is a little loose which is common for antique Japanese swords.  The modern saya (Scabbard) is a good fit with a hand full of dents, but still looks good.  The Koshirae has a quality matchingTsunagi (exact replica of the blade in timber) to retain them for display.

We strongly recommend this sword as it is papered, and in exceptional condition which makes it very collectable.  With the blade in a shirasaya and matching koshirae it makes a classy and wonderful display, fit for a museum.


Blade Length : 67cm

Overall Length : 98cm

Antique Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Nihonto NBTHK Papers Masanori

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