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Second Hand, not in new condition but very close.


Inspired by highly decorative antique Persian blades, Cold Steels latest Scimitar is a true Eastern jewel! Its handsome blade is deeply curved to facilitate the devastating draw cut, and beautifully polished with a wide, deep fuller. Made from expertly heat treated 1065 carbon steel, it is perfectly balanced and hand honed to a keen edge! The Scimitars large S-guard and tang are intricately engraved and the dark rosewood handle scales are securely held in place with three sturdy brass pins. The bulbous pommel features a brass inlaid hole for a cord, lanyard or sash. The Scimitar is supplied complete with a thick hand stitched leather scabbard with etched steel throat, chape and carrying rings.


Overall: 95cm
Blade Length: 81cm
Handle Length: 16.5cm

Weight: 1240 grams

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Second Hand Cold Steel Persian Scimitar Saber Sword 1055 Steel Live Blade

GST Included
Only 1 left in stock

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