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Long extolled as the pinnacle of rapier design, the “Spanish” or “Cup-Hilt” rapier undoubtedly combined style and function very effectively in 17th century Europe. The very best of these weapons featured beautifully pierced cups and pommels and Paul Chen of  Hanwei has replicated these to perfection and combined them with an elegantly tapered high-carbon steel live blade in our “Taza” rapier (the name comes from the French, who called this style “a la Taza”). The cup hilt, pommel and wire grip are all constructed from stainless steel making it strong, yet easy to maintain and likely to last many lifetimes.  A leather-covered scabbard is included also with a low maintenance scabbard throat and drag.


Overall: 46 1/4“, 117.5cm
Blade Length: 38 1/4“, 97cm
Weight: 2lb 1oz, 950 grams
Point of Balance: 5", 12.5cm
Point of Harmonics: 20", 51cm

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Taza Cup Hilt Rapier Sword with 1566 Carbon Steel Live Blade

SKU: SH2035
GST Included
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