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Legal Information

Christmas Trading Hours

Saturday the 22nd Dec. 10am - 2pm
Sunday the 23rd Dec. 10am - 2pm
Monday the 24th Dec. 10am - 3pm
Tuesday the 25th Dec. CLOSED
Wednesday the 26th Dec. CLOSED
Thursday the 27th Dec. 10am - 3pm
Friday the 28th Dec. 10am - 3pm
Saturday the 29th Dec. 10am - 3pm
Sunday the 30th Dec. CLOSED
Monday the 31st Dec. CLOSED
Tuesday the 1st of Jan. CLOSED
Wednesday the 2nd Jan. 10am - 6pm
Resume normal trading hours.


You must be 18 years old or over to purchase from our store. War Sword and all of its associated parties comply with all rules and regulations associated with State and Federal Laws. By purchasing from this store, you are confirming that you will also do this. If you are unsure, please confirm prior to purchasing, the rules and regulations in your State for owning products in our range.

Most Australian states do not require a permit for our products however in Victoria, approval will be required.
For all Victorian purchases, we will require a copy of your approval/license and your current drivers license. This can be emailed to us at for completion of your purchase. Any further enquiries can be clarified by contacting the Licensing Services Branch of Victoria Police on 1300 651 645 or by emailing them at for further information.