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Mainstay of the Highland warriors of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore sword  had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period. Typically of longsword length, this versatile weapon could deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts. Replicated from a surviving museum piece our Claymore sword  is classic in its design, with distinctive sloping quillons terminating in quatrefoils and a high-collared quillon block with langets following the blade fuller. The pommel, like the guard fashioned from stainless steel for strength and maintenance free care.  The grip is crafted from timber and covered in genuine quality leather.  The peened full tang blade is forged from 1566 carbon steel and tempered to increase edge holding characteristics and toughness. This sword like the originals does NOT come with a scabbard.


Overall: 54 3/4", 139cm
Blade Length: 41", 104cm
Handle Length: 14", 35.5cm
Weight: 4lb 14oz, 2.2kg
Point of Balance: 7", 17.5cm
Blade Steel: 1566

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Scottish Claymore Highland Great Sword Carbon Steel Live Blade

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