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The legendary double axe has long been associated with heroes and heroics, and the Hero’s Axe from Hanwei  perpetuates the legend. Almost 30” overall with 10” polished edges, fearsome but with graceful lines and studded decoration, this axe is the ultimate combination of form and function. Leather edge covers for the tempered edges are provided for safe portability.  Incidently this brand of Axe was modified and used by Tyrion Lannister in the TV series Game of Thrones.


Overall: 30", 76cm
Blade Length: 8 3/4", 22cm
Handle Length: 26 1/2", 67cm
Weight: 4lb, 1.8kg

Blade Steel: ZG45 (.5% Carbon, .6% Silicon and .9% Manganese.)

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Double Blade Hero Axe Tempered High Carbon Steel Blade

SKU: XH1074
GST Included
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