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Sword Art Online SAO Eugeo Blue Rose Sword Carbon Steel Blade

Sword Art Online SAO Eugeo Blue Rose Sword Carbon Steel Blade

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Eugeo is a long time friend of Kirito in the Sword Art Online series. He was trained as an Elite Swordsman and went on to become an Integrity Knight.

About the sword, thanks to Sword Art Online Wiki
According to Eugeo's vision of the sword's origin, the Eternal Ice was alone, at the very top of the mountain, where it was frozen even in the summer, until a single seed landed near by. The ice began to melt itself little by little, each day, until the seed became a blue rose. From then on, the Ice and the Rose talked to each other as friends. However, eventually, the Blue Rose asked to be frozen by the Ice, as it could not endure the cold for much longer. And so the Eternal Ice did so, freezing the Rose and itself together, forming into a sword, with the Rose shut away within it.

This particular sword features a carbon steel blade matched with a two handed grip which is cast metal and timber. The cross guard on feature the rose on both sides and is also of cast metal. The scabbard is constructed of painted timber with cast metal accents.

Overall length - 110 cms
Blade length - 79 cms
Handle length - 29 cms

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