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Sucker Punch, Baby Doll's Sword

Sucker Punch, Baby Doll's Sword


Hand Forged Carbon Steel Blunt Blade
Deeply Etched Horimono
Faux Leather Wrapped Hilt 

This is a beautiful replica of the sword used by Baby Doll in the movie Sucker Punch.  It is quite faithfully reproduced and is excellent quality for the price.  The blade is hand forged  with very deep etching that will not wear off in a hurry!   The fittings are blackened brass and are strong as well as very decorative.  The Tsuka Ito is faux leather and quite tight for a sword of this price. 

I highly recommend this sword for not only movie collector but sword collectors in general!

Blade Length : 68cm

Handle Length : 28.5cm

Overall Length : 105cm

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