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Ryumon Series Damascus Steel Oni Katana

Ryumon Series Damascus Folded Steel Oni Katana Japanese Samurai Sword

$699.00 $799.00

Hand Forged Folded Steel Live Blade
Full Tang, Grooved
Includes Sword Bag, Maintenance Kit and Certificate

Oni Katana features a hand forged, full tang, folded steel live blade with BoHi, beautifully polished with little or no washboard creating a flat and smooth appearance.  Features genuine high quality rayskin on the Tsuka which is tightly wrapped in silk Ito with brass Fuchi/Kashira and Japanese demon theme brass Tsuba.  The deep black saya is inlaid with brass cherry blossoms which has been clear coated and highly polished.  The koiguchi, kurikata and kojiri are all polished buffalo horn as found in traditional Nihonto.  It is suitable for  light  cutting and will make a fantastic show piece for your home with the advantage of being Real!!

Blade Length: 70cms

Overall Length: 100cms

Tsuka Length: 27cms

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