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Renaissance Side Sword 5160 Spring Steel Live Blade

Renaissance Side Sword 5160 Spring Steel Live Blade


The Side Sword was a military sword of the 16th and 17th century Renaissance period that also achieved popularity among civilians, due to its relatively light weight and quickness. It also had an advantage over its contemporary, the rapier, in having the ability to cut efficiently as well as thrust. Based on an original German sword of this type, this sword is well balanced an feels exceptional in the hand. The “swept” hilt affords excellent hand protection and the blade geometry makes for outstanding performance in both the cut and the thrust.  The blade is constructed from heat treated 5160 spring steel and is live for test cutting.  The fittings are quality no maintenance stainless steel as are the drag and mouth of the leather covered scabbard. 

Blade Length : 84cms
Overall Length : 104cms
Weight : 1210 grams

About 5160 Steel

5160 has achieved an excellent reputation for its toughness and resilience, particularly in larger knife blades and sword blades, where shock absorption is a requirement. Careful heat treating of a 5160 blade can produce a hard edge section and a softer core, an excellent characteristic in hacking blades.

5160 Steel Composition: 0.61C 0.94Mn 0.88Cr


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