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Cold Steel Colichemarde Small Sword 1060 Carbon Steel Live Blade

Cold Steel Colichemarde Small Sword 1060 Carbon Steel Live Blade


The Colichemarde emerged on the sword scene in the late 1600's during the decline of the Rapier and the rise of the small sword. Its long suit was its uniquely shaped blade that was extra wide at the forte then stepped down or narrowed for the rest of its length before ending in a wicked point. The advantage of this configuration was it allowed the sword to be used to parry or oppose even the heaviest weapons without breaking, yet remain light and supple enough to take full advantage of its lightning quick point. The Colichemarde has great versatility in attack or defense so we enlisted the aid of our good friend Dave Baker, and made our own modern interpretation. True to form, our blade mirrors the original design concepts with an extra long and wide forte that abruptly tapers down to an acute and deadly point. The hilt features a decorative, yet highly functional, double shell guard, complete with finger loops and knuckle bow, while the grip is completely wire wrapped and capped with a matching pummel. Additionally, we have also taken the liberty of creating a matching dagger with a stiff, beautifully ground and polished blade, double quillons, and wire wrapped handle.

Blade Steel : Through Tempered 1060 Spring Steel

Blade Length : 82cm

Overall Length : 101.5cm

Handle Length : 19cm

Weight : 750 grams

Thickness : 6mm

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