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No More Heroes "Three Girl Rhumba"

No More Heroes "Three Girl Rhumba"


The Three Girl Rhumba's Sword is a fictional weapon in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is a katana crafted with the power of lethal cutting force. Despite appearing to be nothing more than a normal katana (as opposed to the beam-type katanas), the Three Girl Rhumba's Sword has the supernatural power to emit sword-shaped projectiles of energy, dubbed by its user the "Sonic Sword." The scabbard of the Three Girl Rhumba's Sword is also decorated with tiny pure white lover bizarre jelly figurines.

This version of the sword used in the video game features a stainless steel blade encased in a speckled matte black timber scabbard. The scalloped tsuba and fittings are made of metal and are silver in colour. The end cap on the scabbard and handle also have an intricate pattern. There is also a metal silver cross shape adorning the scabbard and the sageo and handle wrapping are red in colour. Under the red nylon wrapping, the handle is covered in a black imitation ray skin.

This sword would make an excellent gift for any fan of the video game or a valuable addition to any collection!

Measurements are as follows -

Blade Length : 66cm

Handle Length : 29cm

Overall Length : 98cm

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