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Kit Rae Design 20th Anniversary Special Edition Dark Exotath Stainless Steel Blade

Kit Rae Design 20th Anniversary Special Edition Dark Exotath Stainless Steel Blade


Kit Rae is one of the foremost fantasy and collectible weapon designers in the industry, with a worldwide following of his unique weapon designs and fantasy art. Images from a hidden world of dreams and nightmares inspire this line of edged creations, exclusively manufactured by United Cutlery. Since 1984, Kit's fantasy knives and swords have appeared in numerous films and television shows, and have spawned the creation of a huge worldwide, collectible market for fantasy weapons that has generated numerous imitators. His most well-known creation is the world-renowned, best-selling Swords of the Ancients collection. All of Kit's edged fantasy weapons include a companion print of his fantastic artwork and a mythology about each weapon.

For two decades, the Kit Rae Fantasy Art line has pushed bladecraft boundaries and blurred the lines between cutlery and art. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has spawned some of legendary blade designer Kit Rae's most bold and inventive work — over 50 unique sword, axe and knife designs; a host of companion paintings and illustrations; even a mythological universe, created and penned by Rae himself. Among the most acclaimed of these is the best-selling "Swords of the Ancients" collection, an ongoing series of medieval-inspired fantasy weapons that includes Rae's favorite sword design, Exotath. To commemorate the Kit Rae Fantasy Art line's 20th anniversary, United Cutlery has released a special "dark" edition of Exotath.

This alluringly grim sword features a deeply fullered false-edged stainless steel blade with a special dark iron finish, anniversary laser etching and leather-wrapped blade-grip. The hilt is crafted with finely detailed, dark iron finished cast metal parts and a leather-wrapped grip. A special 20th Anniversary coin is mounted in the wood display plaque, which is adorned with a gold silk screen design. Includes a certificate of authenticity and custom art print.

Overall Length : 101.5cm

Blade Length : 75.5cm

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