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Yanone Katana, High Carbon Steel Clay Tempered Live Blade

Yanone Katana, High Carbon Steel Clay Tempered Live Blade


As powerful and sharp as the arrowhead, the Yanone Katana penetrates deep into your acquired target without going deep into your pocket to acquire. Featuring the best of both worlds in traditional handle construction but using synthetic materials around a wood core. The thick 26 3/4” blade has a real hamon though not fully polished for the rigors of cutting. The Japanese arrowhead motif is featured through the piece from tsuba to kashira. With a black on black nylon tsuka and sageo, black lacquered saya and furniture are contrasted by the white synthetic same (ray skin) and the copper toned fletching menuki on both sides of the tsuka. Even though the materials and color theme extols simplicity, the pierced tsuba with 3 unique arrowhead styles and the basket weave on the fuchi and kashira are anything but subdued.

Overall: 39 1/8", 100cms
Blade Length: 27", 69cms
Handle Length: 11", 27.5cms
Weight: 2 lbs 6 oz, 1070gms
Sori: 7/8", 22mm
Blade Steel: 65MN High Carbon Steel Clay Tempered

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

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