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Game of Thrones Daario's Ladies Dagger and Sword Set Limited Edition

Game of Thrones Daario's Ladies Dagger and Sword Set Limited Edition


Limited to 5000 Worldwide.

"Khaleesi," he cried, "I bring gifts and glad tidings. The Stormcrows are yours." A golden tooth gleamed in his mouth when he smiled. "And so is Daario Naharis!"
Dany was dubious. If this Tyroshi had come to spy, this declaration might be no more than a desperate plot to save his head. "What do Prendahl na Ghezn and Sallor say of this?"
"Little." Daario upended the sack, and the heads of Sallor the Bald and Prendahl na Ghezn spilled out upon her carpets. "My gifts to the dragon queen."
Viserion sniffed the blood leaking from Prendahl's neck, and let loose a gout of flame that took the dead man full in the face, blackening and blistering his bloodless cheeks. Drogon and Rhaegal stirred at the smell of roasted meat.
"You did this?" Dany asked queasily.
"None other." If her dragons discomfited Daario Naharis, he hid it well. For all the mind he paid them, they might have been three kittens playing with a mouse.
"Because you are so beautiful." His hands were large and strong, and there was something in his hard blue eyes and great curving nose that suggested the fierceness of some splendid bird of prey. "Prendahl talked too much and said too little." His garb, rich as it was, had seen hard wear; salt stains patterned his boots, the enamel of his nails was chipped, his lace was soiled by sweat, and she could see where the end of his cloak was fraying. "And Sallor picked his nose as if his snot was gold." He stood with his hands crossed at the wrists, his palms resting on the pommels of his blades; a curving Dothraki arakh on his left hip, a Myrish stiletto on his right. Their hilts were a matched pair of golden women, naked and wanton.
"Are you skilled in the use of those handsome blades?" Dany asked him.

Daario's Ladies Set Details

Blades: Stainless Steel

Lady Parts: 24k gold plating, matte finish, antique wash.

Hilt: Cast metal, antique brass plating

Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.

Arakh Blade Length: 33 1/8 inches. 84cm

Stiletto Blade Length: 12 1/4 inches.  31cm

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