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Tiger Japanese Katana Sword Damascus Steel Live Blade

Tiger Japanese Katana Sword Damascus Steel Live Blade

$1,000.00 $1,450.00

The Tiger Katana is one of best value for money swords we have ever offered.  The blade is forged from folded steel and given an exceptional polish.  The Grain is well formed but not overly visible as to look contrived giving a more traditional appearance.  The habaki is cast in brass and very decorative, nicely complimenting the beautiful blade.  The fittings are good quality decorative brass in the tiger motif which is synonymous with Japanese folklore. 

The timber handle is fitted with good quality rayskin and tightly bound with cotton in the "Battle Wrap" Style.  This ensures the ito will not move around or come undone during test cutting or kata and give years of service.  The Saya mouth has been strengthened with a a partial rattan wrap which is then painted.  The kogoichi, kurikata and kojiri are made of polished buffalo horn further strengthening the saya.

Overall this is an exceptional sword for the money that will look as good on display as it would test cutting.  The only problem is why would you want to scratch such a beautiful sword by cutting tatami!!


Blade Length : 27.5", 70cm

Handle Length : 11.25", 29.5cm

Blade Width at Handle : 1.25", 3.1cm

Blade Thickness at Habaki : 7.5mm

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