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Down Under Knives Kookaburra 2 Knife Throwing Set with Leather Sheath

Down Under Knives Kookaburra 2 Knife Throwing Set with Leather Sheath

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The Kookaburra™ 440C stainless blade is heat treated to approximately RC52 to withstand the stress of repeated impacts - yet it still maintains a sharp edge so it can be used as a proper utility knife.  Sharp enough to cut like any good hunting knife, heavy enough to chop like a full-size Bowie, and resilient enough to withstand continuous impact, this blade is truly as versatile as they come.

Jack of all trades though it might be, make no mistake... there's absolutely nothing halfway about this knife. Based on a throwing knife's profile this knife is light and compact. A touch of the classic Outback™ bowie profile and an edge that compromises nothing in terms of sharpness, edge retention or utility value. This knife has just about all the features we've ever liked on a fixed blade knife, with none of the shortcomings that so often let an otherwise perfect blade down. In case you can't tell yet, yes we bloody well are excited about it. Try one and we'll pretty much guarantee you will be too.

After all, what could be better than finally being able to carry a single knife for any purpose you could think of? The way we figured it, the answer was obvious: carrying two. That's why the Kookaburra™ comes as a set of two in a patterned heavy leather sheath that takes up no more valuable belt space than any quality hunting knife.

Overall length: 12” 
Blade length 6 7/8”
Blade thickness: 5mm / 3/16"
Weight 360 g / 12.7 oz
Material: 440C Stainless, RC52

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