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Down Under Knives Death Adder

Down Under Knives Death Adder

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With the power and chopping ability pretty well covered by the Outback™ and Red Rock Raptor™, we turned our attention to speed. We set out to create the flat out fastest and best handling fighting knife we could come up with, with just the right balance and reach to compromise nothing. The result is the new Death Adder™ - like its reptilian namesake, capable of delivering a devastating strike in the blink of an eye. The Australian Death Adder can strike, deliver its venom and go back to strike position in 0.15 seconds, and with this dagger a properly trained knife fighter won't be far behind.

The full tang 440C construction and uniquely contoured solid ebony grip makes the Death Adder™ exceptionally strong and easy to handle in either hand, in any position. We consulted martial arts experts and hunters to find just the right blade dimensions to reach what needs to be reached with no sacrifices in speed and agility. The genuine leather scabbard is also thick and rigid enough to guarantee the blade can be accessed instantly without binding or snagging. Just like with the Bush Dagger™, the securing strap comes off in the same fluid motion you use to grab the dagger, and the positioning of the belt loop guarantees the scabbard will not flex or follow.

Overall length: 270mm - 10 1/2"
Blade length: 150mm - 6"
Thickness: 5,5mm - .2"
Weight 246g / 8.6 oz
Material: 440C heat treated stainless full tang construction, genuine leather sheath.

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