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Cold Steel Small Sword 1065 Carbon Steel Live Blade

Cold Steel Small Sword 1065 Carbon Steel Live Blade


Toward the end of the 17th century, a sophisticated, shorter and lighter version of the Rapier emerged as the tool of choice for personal carry and defense - the Small Sword. Its stiff, lightweight blade was forged in a triangular cross section, and the hilt was both simple and smartly functional, consisting of no more than an elliptical plate, or two shells and a knuckle guard. Cold Steel’s modern version duplicates the best features of many historical examples, but uses 1060 carbon steel, heat treated to a tough spring temper. The hilt features two shells with functional finger loops and a light, but exceptionally strong, knuckle guard. Each Small Sword also comes complete with an attractive leather scabbard with an intricately decorated throat and chape.

Blade Steel : Through Tempered 1060 Spring Steel

Blade Length : 78cm

Overall Length : 95.5cm

Handle Length : 13cm

Weight : 680 grams

Thickness : 8mm

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