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Cold Steel Shanghai Warrior

Cold Steel Shanghai Warrior


The Shanghai Warrior’s origin lies in the kind of “what if” moment that can only come from a company of Martial Artists! “Sparring it out” has always been a big part of our design process for knives with combative intent, and it was during one such training session our company President had a thought - What if we had a Shanghai Shadow that was as big as a Bowie Knife? This question led to numerous prototypes that eventually evolved into the blade we now know as the Shanghai Warrior! At 16" long, the Shanghai Warrior’s solid full tang blade is continuously curved with sharp twin edges and a reinforced central spine to add rigidity to the point.A sturdy steel ring allows deft manipulation between grips, and its removable high-impact polymer scales make it comfortable to use. The Shanghai Warrior’s massive blade is safely contained within a versatile Secure-Ex sheath for ease of carry in virtually any gear configuration.

Weight : 475 gms
Thickness : 5mm
Blade Length : 25cm
Handle : 16cm Long with Polypropylene Scales
Steel/Material SK-5 High Carbon
Overall : 40cm
Additional Feature Secure-Ex® Sheath

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