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Cold Steel Norse Hawk

Cold Steel Norse Hawk Viking Tomahawk Camp Axe Hatchet

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Most recent incarnations have a more traditional and favoured rough finish.  It will not be black like the one pictured.

Capturing the Viking spirit, the Norse Hawk's 4" blade features a highly curved cutting edge and terminates in two sharp points. These points increase the chance of a stick when the Norse Hawk is thrown.   (NOTE: any handle can, and will, break eventually)

1055 High Carbon
The carbon content and lean alloy of this shallow hardening steel make this a very sturdy material that avoids a lot of the brittleness commonly associated with higher carbon materials. Particularly suited to blades that require extreme impact resistance it is often seen in high durability large fixed blades and swords.

Overall Length: 56cm
Hawk Length: 15cm
Primary Edge: 11cm
Steel: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
Weight: 690 grams
Handle: American Hickory

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