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Blood Saya Otonashi Sword

Anime Blood + Saya Otonashi Katana Sword

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Saya Otonashi is the main protagonist of the series Blood+. She is a pure-blooded chiropteran queen and Diva's older twin sister and Hagi's lover.

Saya is trained at the zoo in fencing. She is shown to be agile and quite apt with her sword. This skill comes in handy while killing chiropteran as she wields her katana to do so. However, at the start of the series, Saya has largely forgotten both of these abilities and must relearn how to fight with a sword.

This sword features a uniquely shaped carbon steel display blade with the blood grove as referenced in the anime.  It is encased in a matte black timber scabbard and the wrapping near the tsuba is a light brown / tan colour. The tsuba is black scalloped metal with an ornate cut out pattern. The handle and fittings are black in colour and the imitation ray skin on the handle is covered in black nylon wrapping.

This sword is an excellent gift or addition to a collection for any fan of the anime!!!

Measurements are as follows :

Blade Length : 80cm
Handle Length : 29cm
Overall length in scabbard : 104cm

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