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BLEACH Anime Hinamori Momo Japanese Katana Sword Zanpakuto

BLEACH Anime Hinamori Momo Japanese Katana Sword Zanpakuto

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Momo is proficient enough to cross swords with other lieutenant-level Shinigami. While she is capable enough in swordsmanship to attain her high-level seated position, she knowingly states when facing Harribel's Fracción that she knows she is not strong enough to combat them using her swordsmanship skills, instead sneaking up on them and using Kido.This katana is simple, unique and elegant. The blade is made of carbon steel and the handle is wrapped in a brown nylon ito over imitation ray skin. The tsuba is constructed of metal and matches Hinamori's sword in the Bleach Manga series. The scabbard of the sword is timber with a painted matt black finish. The brown nylon sage-o is tied around a wooden Kurigata.It makes this an excellent gift for any fan of the Bleach anime or japanese sword collector alike!

Blade Length : 67cm

Handle Length : 24cm

Overall Length : 100cm

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