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BLEACH Captain Kaname Suzumushi Sword

BLEACH Captain Kaname Suzumushi Sword

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Suzumushi (cricket) : In its sealed state, Suzumushi looks like a regular katana. The tsuba is in a tear-drop shape, with the base of the drop arcing over the top of the blade, and the point of the drop pointing below the cutting edge. A row of several tiny tear-drop shaped holes decorates the bottom of the curve, and a small ring, approximately 2" in diameter, dangles off the tip of the tear-drop. The ring itself plays a vital role in the activation of Tosen's Bankai.

This sword features a carbon steel blade and an imitation ray skin wrapped handle. It has the traditional pattern orange cord wrapping and a metal guard with the decorative ring. Adding to this the black finish timber scabbard makes this an excellent gift for any fan of the Bleach anime or japanese sword collector alike!

Blade Length : 67cm

Handle Length : 24cm

Overall Length : 100cm

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