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1796 Pattern British Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre Sword

1796 Pattern British Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre Sword


Perhaps the best cutting sword manufactured in number of all time the 1796 is a formidable foe.  The long deeply curved blade could deliver devastating cuts and was said to have received unofficial complaints from French officers.  The sword was originally designed by British Brigade Major John Gaspard Le Marchant in conjunction with Birmingham sword cutler Henry Osbourne.  Le Marchant noted the poor skill and use of the overly long and heavy swords of the time and set about designing this sword with obvious middle eastern influence.  Our example features a tempered carbon steel blade with carbon steel hilt fittings.  The grip it leather covered ribber timber and the heavy scabbard is also of carbon steel.  

Overall Length: 95 cm
Blade Length: 83 cm
Sword Weight: 1075 grams
Entire weight:1.80 kg

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