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Matching our Wood Grip Rapier (SH1024), Paul Chen's (Hanwei) Wood Grip Main Gauche provides an authentically-styled parrying weapon, with a balanced and tough heat treated high-carbon steel live blade.  The cross guard and pommel are fashioned from stainless steel for reduced maintenance and overall strength.  The grip like the matching rapier is constructed from an attractive piece of polished timber giving this piece a classy finish.  Included is a leather covered scabbard with a matching stainless steel mouth and chape.


Overall: 16 5/8", 42cm
Blade Length: 11", 28cm
Weight: 9oz, 250grams
Blade Steel: 1566 Carbon Steel

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Wood Grip Main Gauche "Left Hand" Parrying Dagger Rapier Companion Knife

SKU: SH2117
GST Included
Only 2 left in stock

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