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The scouts have reported, the civilians are behind the walls as dust stirs on the horizon: war is at your doorstep. The battlements are besieged, fire and chaos reigns in the streets with the enemy within the gates. The sword of the invader swings down bringing blood and death which somberly embodied in this WarFire Katana by Dragon King.

The 28 ¼” curved blade features a distinct hamon from kissaki to habaki. The 11” tsuka has black cotton wrap around real ray skin contrasted by silver warhorses with no rider. The blackened tsuba features a samurai on horseback and the blade side the Kumamoto castle engulfed in smoke and flame. The fuchi shows enflamed battlements and the kashira depicts a samurai warrior standing in its midst. The black textured saya is wrapped with a black sageo with buffalo horn kuiguchi, kurikata and kojiri.

At an imposing 40 ¾” overall, this sword is built for war .. 


Overall: 40 3/4", 103.5cm

Blade Length: 28 1/4", 71.5cm

Handle Length: 11", 28cm

Weight: 2.6 lbs, 1.1kg

Blade Steel: 65Mn

Hrc Edge: 60Hrc

Back: 40 Hrc

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

War Fire Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Carbon Steel Live Blade

SKU: SD35360
GST Included
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