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The Scramasax, carried by the Saxons and the Vikings between the 4th and 10th centuries, came in a wide range of sizes and was used both as a tool and a weapon. Carried horizontally, at the back of the belt, the scramasax provided the spearman with both a close-quarters weapon and a tool and utensil in camp. Our SH1075 Scramasax, with its foot-long heat treated 1566 carbon steel live blade, would provide both slashing and thrusting power in battle while handling heavy-duty chores around the home and camp.  The bolster is fashioned from brass as is the solid Celtic design pommel with the grip constructed of polished timber.  The Scramasax is equipped with a quality leather horizontal-carry sheath.


Overall: 17 3/4", 45cm
Blade Length: 11 1/2", 29cm
Handle Length: 6", 15cm
Weight: 1lb 3oz, 540 grams
Blade Steel: 1566
Hrc Edge: 54-58

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Viking Saxon Scramasax Seax Sax Knife 1566 Carbon Steel Live Blade

SKU: SH1075
GST Included
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