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Our Tinker Longswords (Oakeshott Type XVIIIa) provide the WMA practitioner with a fast, well-balanced pair of swords that will perform beautifully in skilled hands. The semi-fullered blunt re-enacment HEMA blades exhibit a quick profile taper with a diamond section out to the tip, providing the necessary stiffness for the cutting stroke. The chromed flattened scent-stopper pommel (Type T-1) forms a natural extension of the double-hand grip and the square-section guard provides solid security.  The brushed finish 90cm 5160 spring steel blade is marquenched to ensure good edge retention and overall toughness.  The entire hilt including the pommel is secured with an internal hex nut to allow dissasembly, maintenance and blade substitution.  The scabbard is crafted from timber and covered with quality black leather and fitted with a chrome steel mouth and drag.  


Overall: 47", 119.5cm
Blade Length: 35", 90cm
Handle Length: 12", 30cm
Weight: 2lb 14oz, 1.3kg
Point of Balance: 3 1/2", 9cm
Width at Guard: 2 1/8", 5.5cm
Width at Tip: 3/4", 2cm
Thickness at Guard: 25", 6mm
Thickness at Tip: .09"
Blade Steel: 5160
Hrc Edge: 50~53 Hrc

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Tinker Long Sword 5160 Marquenched Spring Steel Blunt Blade

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