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The Extended Pommel is twice as long as the standard scent-stopper pommel, giving an extra 2-½” of grip. This allows for the bulkiest of padded gloves and provides additional torque when needed.

The Extended Pommel will also convert the Single-Hand Sword into a Bastard Sword and provide the Longsword blade with an extra long grip.

The pommel is made from a special blend of polymer and powdered metal to increase the weight beyond what is achievable with polymer alone. The threaded brass "supertorque" insert offers much better purchase than conventional inserts, allowing for a tight fit on the tang.


Overall: 5", 13cm

Weight: 5 oz, 140grams

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Rawlings Xtreme Synthetic Long Scent Stopper Pommel HEMA WMA

SKU: PR4041
GST Included
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