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The Schlaeger Rapiers by Paul Chen utilize a popular swept hilt, modified to accommodate our schlaeger blades in 37” (SH1099) and 43” (SH1098) lengths. These tapered blades provide a superior balance compared to the traditional parallel-sided schlaegers, making for a faster sword.  The blades are forged and heat treated 1566 Carbon Steel which creates a tough yet flexible blade for sword on sword sparring practice.  This blade also features a button tip for extra safety in the thrust.  The hilt is constructed from tough and low maintenance stainless steel with a traditional wire bound grip.


Fencing in the Renaissance style plays an important part in the historical re-enactment combining the quickness of light blades with the stucture and spirit of the day.  Our Renaissance-style Rapiers trace their origins to early 17th century Europe, where swordplay with the Rapier was considered an essential part of a gentleman’s education and was often used in resolving gentlemanly disagreements. Blades generally originated in one of the blade making centers such as Toledo or Solingen, but many differences in styling and hilt materials resulted from the local manufacture of hilts all over Europe.


Overall: 49 1/4", 125cm
Blade Length: 43", 109cm
Weight: 2lb 5oz, 1050 grams
Blade Steel: 1566 Carbon Steel

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Practical Rapier Training WMA HEMA Sword 43 Inch Button Tip Steel Blade

SKU: SH1098
GST Included
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