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The Musashi Iaito is part of our martial arts training range and is fantastic value for money. It features a Hand Forged, Full Tang carbon steel blade beautifully polished with a simulated Hamon.  Blade geometry is excellent giving it a light but substantial feel in the hand and is blunt to limit injury during practice.  The Tsuka is timber with genuine Rayskin, wrapped very tightly with cotton Ito so as not to come undone with repetitive use during martial arts training.  Also for strength the Fuchi/Kashira are painted brass and the Tsuba is solid steel.  The Saya is timber that is painted in a textured finish so as not to take finger prints during constant handling like gloss finish will.  The Sageo cord is also of better quality so as to be secured properly during training.  It is suitable for regular kata use and will make a great entry level martial arts training sword.


Blade Length : 71 cm

Tsuka Length : 28 cm

Overall Length : 101 cm


These blades are hand made and will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Musashi Iaito Katana Japanese Samurai Training Kata Sword

SKU: TZ20151201
GST Included

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