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Based on a Medieval European Hand and Half, or "Bastard" sword, with stainless steel cross guard and scent stopper pommel.  The 26.5cm grip is constructed from timber, covered in faux leather with a sewn seam which is then cord wrapped for extra strength.  The blade is 91cm in length and constructed from a rugged 1060 spring steel and through tempered for toughness and edge retention characteristics.  Blade geometry is fantastic with a slight convex shape for added edge strength but no so much to compromise cutting ability.  The scabbard is of painted timber with a metal drag and scabbard mouth to further strengthen and extend life.  The balance of this sword at around 7cm from the guard and give the blade in two hand grip a relatively lively feel while still maintaining power in the cut.  Quite good for a sword in this price range and in fact good for any price range.  Would be suitable for medium cutting and a great entry level European style cutting sword well worth the money.

Overall: 118cm
Blade Length: 91cm
Handle Length: 26.5cm

Weight: 1550 grams
Blade Steel: 1060

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Medieval European Hand and Half Bastard Sword Through Tempered Spring Steel Live

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