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The Last Samurai Inspired wakizashi is a part of our entry level range of Live Blade Japanese swords.  While it lacks the overall quality of our higher priced differentially heat treated range it certainly is fantasic value for money.  It features a hand forged, full tang,  carbon steel blade with BoHi, beautifully polished with a smooth flat appearance.  The Tsuka is timber with simulated rayskin, wrapped in a synthetic ito with patinated metal Fuchi/Kashira and tastefully decorated metal Tsuba.  Saya is painted timber.  Also Includes a sword bag.  It is suitable for occasional light cutting and will make a fantastic show piece for your home with the advantage of being Real!! 

Blade Length : 47.5cm

Handle Length : 24cm

Overall Length : 76cm

Blade width : 3cm

Last Samurai Inspired Wakizashi Hand Forged Live Blade Version 2

SKU: JH155BK-1
GST Included
Only 3 left in stock

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