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The Tomoe Mon Japanese Katana is one of best value for money swords we have ever offered.  The blade is forged from a thick and solid folded carbon steel which is expertly Clay Tempered and polished with a bohi for a light feel without sacrificing strength.  The habaki is cast in brass with the Tsuba and fittings constructed from metal alloy with the Tomoe Mon theme.  The tsuka (handle) is wrapped in synthetic silk over real rayskin and the gloss blue saya (scabbard) is made of timber.

Overall this is an exceptional sword for the money that will look good on display and could be used for light to medium cutting.  The only problem is why would you want to scratch such a beautiful sword by cutting tatami!!


Blade Length : 28", 71cm

Handle Length : 11", 28.5cm

Blade Width at Handle : 1.25", 3cm

Blade Thickness at Habaki : 7.5mm

Japanese Tomoe Mon Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Samurai Katana Swo

GST Included