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"All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don't care if I'm weaker than everyone in the world."

— Erza Scarlet to Azuma in "Tenrou Tree"

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail who is famous for her usage of Requip Magic. She is also a member of Team Natsu, as well as one of the main female protagonists of the series.

Erza possesses great mastery in swordsmanship and her skills in swordsmanship are of the highest caliber. Her offensive capabilities mainly come from her swordplay, which enables her to effectively utilize the weapons that her Requip provides, which includes swords, short swords, axes, lances and staffs (among others). Erza has shown great skill in utilizing the reverse-grip of swordsmanship as well as the normal grip. She is even capable of employing her swords effectively using her feet, by wielding their hilts between her hallux and second toe. Her swordsmanship is enough for her to slash through Aria's presumably intangible airspaces and to deflect hundreds of needles which were shot at her by Evergreen with relative ease. In addition, her sword slashes possess so much force behind them that they are able to slice through metal using only the air pressure from the swings.

This sword is a replica of one of the swords used by Erza Scarlet in Fairy Tail. It features a two tone black and silver carbon steel display blade and the tsuba and fittings are antique gold in colour. The tsuba pattern has a green inlay and the handle is covered in imitation ray skin painted red and wrapped in dark blue nylon cord. This sword also comes with a faux leather scabbard which is black in colour.

This sword would make an excellent gift for any fan of the anime or a valuable addition to any collection!

Measurements are as follows -

Blade Length : 65cm

Handle Length : 29cm

Overall Length : 97cm

Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet Japanese Anime Katana Sword

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