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The O'Kissaki Tanto is a part of our budget range of Live Blade Japanese swords. It features a Hand Forged, Full Tang, Clay Tempered Damascus steel blade, beautifully polished with little or no washboard creating a flat and smooth appearance.  Genuine Rayskin Tsuka is tightly wrapped in leather for strength, with patinated brass Fuchi/Kashira and Tsuba for durability.  The timber saya is painted in a textured black so as not to show finger prints when constantly being handled for martial arts.  The sageo cord is of good quality so as to be securely tied during training.  This is a large and formidable feeling tanto in hand and is not for the faint of heart!  It is suitable for occasional medium to heavy cutting and will make a fantastic show piece for your home with the advantage of being Real!!


Blade Length : 29.5cm

Tsuka Length : 15.5cm

Overall Length : 49cm

Damascus Steel O'Kissaki Tanto Japanese Samurai Knife Clay Tempered Folded Steel

SKU: TZ20160421
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