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Right at home in any period between the 15th and 17th century our Large Parrying Dagger would be a prized possession worthy of being handed down through the generations. Made to be equally useful for offense and defense it sports a long thick, wide blade that is stout enough to oppose the heaviest sword yet remains capable of piercing the thickest cloth, leather or even chain mail or light plate! Equipped with extra sturdy down turned quill ions and a generous side ring it offers terrific protection to the hand and the forearm from sword and dagger attacks and is very useful for catching and trapping blades as well. Easily wielded in any direction and with great speed it comes with a period correct wire wrapped handle and a strong steel pommel which easily doubles as an impact weapon in its own right. Delivered fully polished, sharpened and encased in a thick black leather scabbard embellished with a decorative throat and shape it's the parrying dagger you have been waiting for as its advantages are undeniable. 


Weight: 26.5oz, 750 grams

Blade Thickness: 6mm

Blade Length: 13in, 32.5cm

Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon

Handle Length/Material: 6in, 15cm

Overall Length: 19in, 48cm

Additional Features: Black Leather Sheath

Cold Steel Large Parrying Dagger Renaissance Knife 1055 Carbon Steel Blade

GST Included
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