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The Bujinkan Ninjutsu sword is a part of our budget range of Live Blade Japanese swords designed for competiton cutting at a reasonable price. The short (57cm/22.5inches) kodachi style hand forged and differentially heat treated carbon steel blade is sized perfectly for the bujinkan practitioner. Beautifully polished with little or no washboard creating a smooth flat appearance with an attractive hamon in Notare with a gently undulating style. The long Tsuka (36cm/14inches) is constructed of timber with black lacquered genuine rayskin, wrapped in cotton ito which is extremely tightly bound for the strength required for competition cutting and constant handling. The Fuchi/Kashira are constructed of patinated brass further adding strength to the tsuka. The Tsuba, also of brass is decorated in the tora/tiger stealthily hunting in a bamboo grove embodying the spirit of the ninja. The Saya is full katana length for the swift draw and is painted timber with a hard wearing none reflective paint to aid the would be assasin to evade notice. It is suitable for competition cutting and will make a fantastic show piece for your home with the advantage of being very real!! Includes black sword bag (not shown).

Blade Length : 57cm, 22.5 inches

Tsuka Length : 36cm, 14 inches

Bujinkan Ninjutsu Japanese Ninja Short Sword

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