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Antique 1896 Pattern French Cavalry Officer's Sword dated 1914 at the start of WWI.  The blade is in generally OK condition with some rust pitting and a slight bend in the last quarter of the blade.  "Sabre d'Officier de Cavalerie Mle 1896  taille 2 , Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Châtellerault 9 bre 1914" is inscribed in the spine of the blade, translated to mean "Officers Saber of the model 1896, Size 2, Manufactured by the National Amouries of Châtellerault on the 9th of October 1914".  The heavy steel scabbard shows some rust pitting, a crack about 19cm long with the same bend as the blade.  The horn grip is in good condition with all the wire present and tight fit to the blade.  A worthy addition to the collectors vault.


Blade Length : 89cm

Overall Length : 103.5cm

Antique 1896 Pattern French Cavalry Officer's Sword WWI

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