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Estimated to be from the mid 17th century and of the Teppo School this is a beautiful Rain Dragon theme tsuba with heat fired urushi (lacquer) overlay.  In the aorigata style and of hammered iron with the rain dragon inlaid in high relief.   The reverse of the tsuba features clouds and Fudo Myo Jin Diety Bonji (Sanskrit) character with the rim in the dottemimi style.  This is a large tsuba and sure to suit a large range of Katana size.


Weight : 165 grams

Height : 86mm

Width : 81mm

Thickness : 4mm

Nakago Ana Width : 8mm

Nakago Ana Height : 25.5mm

Nakago Ana Thickness : 3.5mm

$50 OFF! Antique Japanese Katana Sword Rain Dragon Iron Tsuba

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