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Cold Steel Viking Sword 1060 Carbon Steel Live Blade

Cold Steel Viking Sword 1060 Carbon Steel Live Blade


The historic Viking sword of the 9th & 10th centuries featured a long wide blade with a broad central fuller and two keen edges. A simple guard with forward curving quillons was often utilized and combined with a utilitarian wooden handle and a heavy 5 lobed pommel to balance the long blade. Cold Steel’s interpretation of this sword features a double-edged blade that is hand forged out of Carbon steel and hand polished and sharpened to perfection. The wooden handle is covered in leather and is supported by a simple, elegant guard at one end and a 5 lobed pommel at the other. The Viking Sword is supplied with a leather wrapped wooden scabbard that is reinforced with a polished steel chape and throat.

Blade Length: 77.5cm

Grip Length: 12cm

Overall Length: 95cm

Weight: 1030 grams

Blade Steel: 1060 Carbon Steel

1060 High Carbon

The carbon content and lean alloy of this shallow hardening steel make this a very sturdy material that avoids a lot of the brittleness commonly associated with higher carbon materials. Particularly suited to blades that require extreme impact resistance it is often seen in high durability large fixed blades and swords.

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