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BLEACH Gin Ichimaru's Shinso Sword

BLEACH Gin Ichimaru's Shinso Sword

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Gin is a highly proficient combatant. He fights with seemingly no effort behind his attacks, as he always wields his sword with one hand. His combat skills were evident even when he was a child. He easily defeated and killed the former third seat of the 5th Division, who by rank and age should have been more powerful and skilled than him. Gin was able to effortlessly keep the upper hand against Toshiro Hitsugaya, a Shinigami known for his intellect and skill in Zanjutsu, during their battle. He is commonly seen using his Zanpakuto's special ability, which is capable of killing multiple targets in one shot, allowing him to be quite deadly at a distance. He is able to mix extreme speed with a calm composure and precise attacks.

This is Gin Ichimaru's Zanpakuto Sword from the Bleach Anime. The Grip is imitation black dyed ray skin covered in a black faux leather wrap. It also has black cord wrapped around the timber scabbard which has a gloss black finish. The blade is made of carbon steel and the unique metal tsuba consistent with the anime has a gold look finish along with the fittings. This an excellent gift for any fan of the Bleach anime!

Blade Length : 67cm

Handle Length : 24cm

Overall Length : 100cm

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